3 thoughts on “Recent WordPress Headers”

  1. Looks really good. What prog did you use? Any tips? Also, next time you do a webtise for someone for 100, log how many hours you spend then divide the 100 by it to see how much you made an hour. That’s what most folks base it on, is how much they’ll make an hour. Cheapest I’ve done a site is $600.

  2. This past week I started a blog on worldpress and have run into one problem after another. Somehow I can’t or copy the widgets they ofter on the worldpress site. I am struck and about ready to loose the remaining hair I have left. If you get a chance please look at my blog. retiredtothephilippines.worldpress.com. My blog is named Philippine Thoughts, what I need is a header, archive widget, calender widget, hit counter and a widget showing recent posts. The widgets worldress just don’t work for me. Any help or suggestions you give me will be big help. THANK YOU

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